Spectrums not Binaries: Gender on Film

Gender And The City is proud to present its first ever video publication! Director Claudia Palazzo collaborates with Francis Doody and some of the GATC team to produce a short film that discusses gender, sexuality, self-possession and pop.

Against the backdrop of an Essex shower room three performers take us on a surreal journey of fears, fetishes and dance routines. We face the anxiety of finding yourself on the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation: the pressure of finding an identity while you’re still young enough to shape one.

The strong yet fluid performances combine with Francis Doody’s fragile vocals and Thomas Swarman’s deep baselines to draw us into the dilemma of the main character. Their apprehension about the gender binary translates into a moving tale about trying to find your position in a society obsessed with categories.

“I am interested in the moments before performance that are full of self-doubt and narcissism: the transitory space between the private and the public. I often think about how we perform being ourselves and what it means to lose yourself.” Claudia Palazzo (Creative Director and Choreographer).

Watch, reflect and let us know what you think!

Do you recognise the song?


Director and Choreographer:  Claudia Palazzo

Director of Photography:         Ian Buswell

Music:                                      Don’t cha By The Pussycat Dolls

Arranged and performed by Francis Doody

Produced by Thomas Swarman

Performers:                              Francis Doody, Grace Nicol, Tom Tree

Crew:                                       Victoria Palazzo

Author: Gender + the City

Intersectional Feminist digital magazine

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