Illustration by Cat Macinnes

‘A gender equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves’.

Gloria Steinem

In October 2014 ‘Gender and the City’ was founded as a multi-author blog that discussed a variety of subjects through the lens of gender.

Gender + The City today is a feminist, intersectional and all-inclusive digital zine which edits, promotes and publishes content. The writing we share expresses the complex ways in which gender affects different areas of our daily lives, from sport and politics to reproductive rights, race relations and LGBTQ+ issues.

Our authors are supported by a dedicated team of editors who give feedback on their writing and help them to develop their skills. There is so much to be said on gender inequality, and we intend for this digital safe space to give people a voice on these issues.

Authors are encouraged to explore issues relevant to their own lives and all forms of media are welcome. GATC do not propagate one viewpoint, instead we aim to encompass a diverse range of opinions and ideas. We only ask one thing of you: please respect the views of others. Pass your opinion, disagree, by all means, but please be respectful. That is, respect others, and don’t forget to respect yourself – your own immeasurable worth and value as an autonomous individual.

We are a small, but tight knit team who bring a genuine enthusiasm to every aspect of our work, and we hope to one day produce print.

Help us grow our Gender+ community by following and sharing us across your socials. Or invest in us to help us reach even more author talent, and grow as a brand in breadth and capacity.

Gender is one of the most loaded words in the English language. It is not easy to define, it is not a simple concept to understand and there is no single consensus on what it may entail. We intend on joining in this conversation and we hope that you are ready to engage and discuss these important issues with us too.

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To find out more on why Founding Editor Kaammini Chanrai, started Gender + the City (former name, Gender and the City) read Gender and the City: Why Now?

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