Daniel Oledzki


Daniel is a Mixed-Media Artist, Rogue Scholar, and Transgender Warrior originally from Regina, Canada and currently living in London, England.

His primary areas of interest are History, Education, LGBTQIA Activism, Whisky and wanting to be an Astronaut when he grows up.

Daniel has worked and volunteered in creative communications, as well as had art works in print, performance and galleries, in various cities around the world.

He also holds a BA (Honours) in History and Gender Studies (comic book version of thesis available here) and an MSc in Gender, Media and Culture (zine version of thesis coming soon).

He is currently engaged with DIY Publishing, with a zine, adult colouring book and young adult illustrated novel all on the horizon.

Daniel is excited to be working with the GATC team as Graphic Designer and is primarily responsible for colouring outside the lines.

(Artist Website: danioledzki.tumblr.com & Instagram: @danioledzki)