MariaJose Guevara


MariaJose, more commonly know as Majo by her family and friends, graduated with a BA in Journalism with a minor in Filmmaking in her hometown (Quito, Ecuador). During her studies she found that she had a deep curiosity when it came to gender issues. This new-found interest and her yearn for travel pushed her to move to London where she obtained a MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from the London School of Economics.

She is currently back in Quito working as an Educational Researcher and Public Policy Analyst for a government institution. Majo would rather be a bit more involved in gender issues as the landscape for feminism, women’s rights, and LGBT rights in Ecuador is not ideal.

In her spare time she enjoys lecturing her friends about feminism, as well as reading, writing, watching films (blockbusters and independent), photography, and singing. She is currently part of a choir and during the last 10 years she has also been part of several bands and music ensembles. Her repertoire includes genres such as pop, rock, jazz, bossa nova, musical theatre and classical music.

Majo hasn’t figured out what she will do in the future, but travelling and speaking her mind are definitely on the menu.