Martha Silcott

Martha is an inventor, mother and entrepreneur. She is an all-round curious & passionate person. Martha worked in the city for 25 years but became frustrated that there was no fitter purpose solution for disposing of tampons – so she decided to invent one!
FabLittleBag is the end results of many, many years of trying to get a new product in a taboo area to market. It is about having a proper solution , one which is discreet, hygienic and provide confidence to users in a typically awkward scenario. Importantly they also ensure that people bin such products and do not cause blockages or environmental pollution by flushing.
FabLittleBag degrades so does not add negatively to the plastic mountain in landfill, just ensures that what needs to go there, gets there. Its design is unique and manages to bring some cool and attractive design to an area not previously associated with those words!