Katie Staal


A native Londoner with a Dutch surname (phonetically: ST-HAA-L), Katie grew up south of the river before moving to Oxford to study at OBU. For three years, she immersed herself in Feminist philosophy and nurtured an interest, that gave way into an obsession, with the work of Judith Butler, Vandana Shiva, Donna Harrway, Gayatri Spivak, Simone de Beauvior, bell hooks, Mary Wollstonecraft, Luce Irigaray and Hélène Cixous. She graduated from her combined hons in English Lit/Politics in 2014.

Not quite done with academia, Katie pursued a Master’s degree in English Literature, specialising in Feminist lit. Combining her passion for Romantic era poetry and Feminist philosophy, Katie took radical Feminist body-political theory and applied it to lost & forgotten Eighteenth-Century working class female poetry. Poets who by day were milkmaids, domestic servants and agricultural labourers all received a Feminist re-framing: as undiscovered anarchists. Katie was awarded a prize for her original research, along with a first class honours.

After returning to London in 2015, Katie began working in editorial publishing and moved north of the river to Hackney. In June 2017 she was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Gender + the City. In this position, she is responsible for the strategic, managerial and creative vision for the site. She also acts as social media manager, and runs the GATC Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages. Katie sub-edits every article on the site, and is at the head of the controls for site development and artwork co-ordination.

Along with her love of the written word, Katie is a guitarist (of thirteen years) and plays with various bands, as well as managing her solo project Brood. Heavily inspired by artists such as Bat for Lashes and Grouper, Brood is an experiment in anonymity and gender neutral music branding. Katie is also a passionate eco-warrior, animal rights activist and vegetarian/vegan enthusiast, making the transition to an entirely cruelty-free lifestyle. She also reads her horoscope every day (you never know!)

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EiC Top Articles

Body Hair Politics is Beyond ‘Self-Love’
Introducing: The Gender+ Spotify Playlist
A Letter to the Narcissist Who Broke My Heart

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Lucy J Wheeler

Managing Editor

Lucy has a communications studies undergrad degree and a creative media masters, both from the University of Brighton. Besides an enduring and unshakeable love for Brighton, her time by the sea nourished her interests in class, activist photography, media tech and community development, disability studies, hidden histories and oral history. Since completing her MA in 2009, Lucy has worked in academic publishing and remains passionate about the potential for transformation that is contained in peoples’ stories, and in sharing knowledge and experience.

Lucy’s current crushings include Rupi Kaur, Ijeoma Umebinyu, Claudia Rankine, Frances Cannon and Laura Callaghan. When she’s not pouring over the work of these remarkable women, she’s probably squirrelling away her own short stores and poems in the hope that one day she’ll be brave enough to share them. Or, she might be planning what to cook for dinner!

Lucy’s claim to fame is that she was once featured in her then local newspaper as the youngest licensee in Essex.

Commissioned Articles

Taking up Space: How a Year of Roller Derby Changed My Experience of being a Woman

Articles as Editor

Work culture, coercion, compliance: Thoughts in the wake of Harvey Weinstein
The Walk of (Skinny) Shame: Victoria’s Secret, Body Shape and Policing Bodies
Vegetarianism, Gender and Consumption: Are your politics what you eat?


Dafydd Jenkins

Reviews Editor

Daf received his MA in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary, University of London in 2016. His work specialised in postcolonial literature, Indian literature, Welsh literature, and the Frankfurt school of critical theory. His areas of interest include popular culture and national identities.

A Welshman living in Glasgow, Daf is a regular contributor and editor at online culture magazine The Wee Review. More recently, he writes music reviews for London magazine Loud & Quiet.

When away from his laptop, Daf frequents local music venues and record shops, reads voraciously, and plays guitar. To his grandparents’ joy, he once performed with his band on Welsh television.

Articles as Editor

Review of The Beguiled: Standing Up for Female Voices in Cinema
The Handmaiden: Exploring Gender Roles, Relationships and Changing Attitudes
Wide Sargasso Sea: A prequel, for our times
What Makes #MASSEDUCTION A Gender-Fluid Masterpiece

Founding Editors: Kaammini Chanrai & Ali Leyland-Collins


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