Katie Staal


Katie graduated from her joint hons degree in English and Politics in 2014. Later that year she began studying for her MA in English; specialising in Feminist Literature. Her master’s degree investigated an untapped niche of Eighteenth-Century labouring class women’s poetry, using a Marxist/Feminist analysis to highlight the rebellion of working women from this era. This original research earnt her the Blackwell’s Prize for MA in English, and she graduated with a first in 2015.

Her particular areas of interest include, but aren’t limited to: Identity and Body Politics, Current Affairs, LGBTQ+ Issues, Reproductive and Sexual Rights and Popular Culture. She firmly identifies as an intersectionalist.

Katie took over as Editor-in-Chief of Gender + The City in June 2017. In this position, she is responsible for all publications and policies for the website, the acceptance of articles and the initial quality checking and scheduling of new submissions.

Katie works in London for an academic publisher, supporting a list of humanities and social sciences journals, including the Feminist Review. She is a (North London) Hackney native, and draws inspiration from her urban surroundings. In her spare time Katie writes poetry, plays guitar in her band and experiments with vegan cooking.


Seeing The Light at the End of Divisive Party-Political Tunnel: What the Richmond and North Kingston by-election win means for young Feminists

A Handy Guide to De-Bunking Mansplaining and Sexist Pub Shouting Matches (Thanks for the Feminist Fuel Mr Trump)


daf hello

Dafydd Jenkins

Reviews Editor

Daf received his MA in Comparative Literature from Queen Mary, University of London in 2016. His work specialised in postcolonial literature, Indian literature, Welsh literature, and the Frankfurt school of critical theory. His areas of interest include popular culture and national identities.

A Welshman living in Glasgow, Daf is a regular contributor and editor at online culture magazine The Wee Review. More recently, he writes music reviews for London magazine Loud & Quiet.

When away from his laptop, Daf frequents local music venues and record shops, reads voraciously, and plays guitar. To his grandparents’ joy, he once performed with his band on Welsh television.

Guest Edited Articles

Review of The Beguiled: Standing Up for Female Voices in Cinema

The Handmaiden: Exploring Gender Roles, Relationships and Changing Attitudes

Wide Sargasso Sea: A prequel, for our times



Amelia Derkatsch


Amelia is a Commissioning Editor working in scholarly publishing. She graduated from the University of Oxford in 2013 and is passionate about social justice.

Edited Articles

Mind the Gap: Children and Gender Stereotypes

Redefining ‘Woman’

Founding editors:

Kaammini Chanrai & Ali Leyland-Collins


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