Kaammini Chanrai


Founding Editor, Gender and the City

Kaammini Chanrai founded Gender and the City in October 2014. On completion of her MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation, she graduated from the Gender Institute of the London School of Economics. The previous year she completed her undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Warwick. Kaammini wrote about why she founded Gender and the City in the inaugural article ‘Gender and the City: Why Now?’. She has been passionate about gender issues since a young age and completed her dissertation entitled ‘Rape Culture and the Postcolonial Lens’. Kaammini is a British Indian but most definitely considers herself to be a Third Culture Kid, having previously lived in Nigeria and Malaysia.

Gender and the City: Why now?
Rape is rape.
End of Year Rankings? We’re All Losers When it Comes to Gender Inequality
Blowing the Whistle on Prejudice in Football
“Rape Culture” and the Postcolonial Lens: A look at India’s Daughter
Politics, Intersectionality and Empathy: Representation at the UK General Elections 2015

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